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Find everything you will need to prepare for a financial or economic meltdown, as well as natural disasters.  Emergency preparedness ideas, bug out bags, freeze-dried, MRE and dehydrated long and short-term food storage, water storage, solar and conventional backup power generators and gold and silver financial protection services.

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Thoughts on “Riding the Silver Bullet / Personal Liberty Digest  

Many well-known trend investors are investing more in physical silver now for a few good reasons. One reason is to protect the value of their wealth as the dollar continues to be devalued by bad government monetary policy. Another reason they are investing in silver now is, physical silver is reported to be more rare than gold for the first time in history as industry uses it up in greater proportion to the amount mined every year.

The following article (the link below) is a good one…..but to learn much more about silver investing and a great place to purchase physical silver (and/or Gold) to position yourself for an exit strategy (if that’s what you choose to do down the road) click here, then scroll down to the article title “Acquiring Physical Gold and Silver” and click on the “GoldSilver” banner and start your journey to financial peace of mind.

Invest in physical silver today and learn more about it at:https://jansurvivalgear.wordpress.com/protect-yourself-from-the-coming-hyperinflation-or-dollar-crash/

Riding The Silver Bullet | Personal Liberty Digest.