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 To get one of these Bug out Bags / Evac Packs, click on the above pictures and review what each bag offers. Keep in mind that you can purchase either bag with its food and additional content, but you can ad additional items to the bags as you see fit. We recommend adding another bag and filling it with the rest of your needed items...Click on the ready store banner at bottom of page to see these additional items. 

If a Natural or Man-made Disaster Forced You to Flee Your Home in a Hurry, Would You be Prepared?

If you had to evacuate your home immediately (now as you read this) like this family needed to in the video below, would you have ready everything you need to sustain you and your family until you could reach a place of safety and sustenance?


In some emergency evacuation scenarios you might not be able to stop at a restaurant or a store to pick up items like food & water because they could have been evacuated as well?

In a sudden emergency evacuation, flight mode and little time to think things through, is not the time to plan for the needs of your family.That’s why it is imperative to have everything you need ready to go so you can react quickly.

Knowing you have all that your family needs in place before an emergency strikes will give you peace of mind and confidence knowing everything is covered, if a threat becomes a reality.

Of coarse, the end result of not being prepared for a “Get out of Dodge” situation could be at the least a high anxiety situation for everyone involved and in the worst case scenario could mean severe consequences depending on the conditions.

So make sure you have an emergency plan worked out and have back packs or containers with…to continue reading the rest of the article click on the link below…
Bug Out Bags / Evac Packs | Survival Total Access.