You Sharing Information on Facebook and Other Social Sites Illegally? / Internet Censorship Coming?

XBy: Jan Heman  February 9, 2012 
Are you and your friends sharing copyright information such as music, videos, articles and other forms of media content on Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites illegally?  Did you know you were unknowingly exposing yourself to potential legal problems as a result? And your Youtube and Facebook accounts could be shut down by Youtube and Facebook, until these issues are corrected.

There are a few written statements that are used commonly by myself and other bloggers and journalists that covers us legally as we share information to educate others on the internet.

This is not legal advise I am giving you, but just a heads up so you might become more aware of the potential issues you could face and what could get much worse soon, especially if the new legislation passes.

Cover yourself the best you can without spending money having an attorney write it up.

I have such a document and I will offer it to you, read on. Once you arrive at the document page, copy the document and then paste it into the body of your Facebook page (maybe under your personal description), on your Youtube channel somewhere and into any other social network sites, websites or blogs you might be using.

Help cover you and your friends by sharing this article and document link with them as soon as possible.

Click on the “i phone internet icons pic” located under the following two (important) short articles to get access to the document.

By Jan Heman  February 9, 2012 

The following article concerns our federal government’s attempt to regulate the internet and it could and probably will include a kill switch!

After reading the following short article, read the next one as well. I believe the second article is an example of what could and probably will happen here in this country if the government takes anymore power over the internet and our 1st Amendment rights.

Is Harry Reid Slipping SOPA Into A New Cyber-Security Bill? | WebProNews

Whispers of the untimely return of SOPA, PIPA, and even Kill Switch

By  · February 9, 2012

While details about a proposed cyber-security bill remain elusive, one frightful speculation seems to be making the rounds lately: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has not abandoned his effort to shackle the Internet.

After Internet commoners and companies alike pushed back in a determined way last month against the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act, many were content to pat themselves on the back for defeating the bill. The bills, though, while delayed, were not convincingly defeated.

Harry Reid appears unwilling to let SOPA go quietly into the night. An article published last night on RT reports that Reid may be trying to resurrect SOPA by couching it within a new cyber-security bill. Worse, the new bill would also reawaken the proposed Kill Switch bill from last year. Kill Switch, another Internet-regulating bill that was lobbied by Sen. Joe Lieberman, would instill the White House with the executive power to shut down the Internet in response to a cyber threat. Awesome, right?

Last month, it was hard to imagine that any legislature could be worse for the Internet than SOPA. Now that Reid may be attempting to include Kill Switch with his renewed efforts to pass the bill, he may officially become the Dr. Frankenstein of monstrous bills that seek to muzzle the Internet.

Watch this space for updates on what new horrors the Democrats in the Senate attempt to unleash on the Internet.

“I Want to Control Our Precious Internet”

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 Iran May Have Shut Off All Internet Access Now

 Gmail, YouTube, Facebook banned under “computer crime regulations”

By  · February 13, 2012

Confirming what was reported on Friday, Google said today that Gmail and YouTube have been blocked in Iran since February 10. Reports began circulating at the end of last week leading into this the weekend’s anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. The degree to which Gmail and Google access has been revoked is unclear, but people have been updating about the Internet’s status in Iran throughout the day (it’s uncertain whether any of the tweeters below are actually in Iran). And yes, oddly enough, Twitter seems to have been left mostly intact as users continue to post updates to their accounts. For now.

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“I Have Control of Our Precious Internet”


Click on the “i phone internet icons” pic to get to your “cover yourself ” document. Don’t forget to put your name in the document where it says [your name].

Copy and paste it  into your social sites:

Be prepared and stay safe!
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