Safety, security and self-defense / Survival Driving: 4 “Escape & Evasion” Tips

Safety, security and self-defense are primary concerns, especially in today’s troubled economic times. People out of work, some even desperate enough to assault you for what you have. This is the reason we put this information together for you, so you can prepare the best you can to defend yourself in these crazy times.

We’re sure you will find right here what you need to help bring more safety and security to you and your family members today!

In trying to understand human nature when it comes to safety and security, there seems to be one common thing that eludes a lot people, even if their personal life seems to be fairly serene, calm and routine, is the feeling of security when alone and no one else is around. Or even at the opposite end of the spectrum, when in large crowded areas of the city or even at a crowded sporting event or concert, that feeling of vulnerability can be a common issue.

What is it that gives us that sense of insecurity? Is it a natural instinct we are born with, maybe seeing something on TV, at the movies, a story someone told, a shocking or horrifying experience of your own or someone close to you, maybe a family member?

It’s probably a little of all of the a fore mentioned components combined.

The combination of instinct and bad experiences which causes that sense of vulnerability, can only be corrected by:

learning the…

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