Survive and Thrive Outfitters | Japan Tsunami: Then and Now

By: Jan Heman  3/11/2012

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It seems less than a year ago when the news reported this catastrophic event.

The horror of the people in their cars being swept away, houses and buildings being washed down the streets some seemingly still in one piece.

How can we forget the human tragedy that day, tens of thousands of dead and missing.

And yet the long-term tragedy is still to be realized given the release of the radio-active material when the Fukushima Nuclear power plant melted down and exploded.

It is reported that there will be many thousands of additional deaths realized just from the fallout from this nuclear disaster that is tagged even greater than the Chernobyl Russian nuclear disaster.

Yes Fukushima, Japan was and still is ground zero for this ongoing nuclear disaster, but it is reported that the entire northern hemisphere is continuing to be contaminated by the fallout including parts of the United States of America with the west coast being the greater dosed.

Why the authorities here including the EPA are being so quiet about the contamination we are experiencing here in our country from this disaster, we will probably never know.


RE-live the tsunami disaster in their own language as it is happening in the video below…

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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Update

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Below is a great before and after picture display we found of some of the areas of Japan the tsunami completely wiped out and how it looks today, 1 year  later.

It is amazing how far the people of Japan have come to clearing the debris .

Just hover you cursor over the pics to see the today shot. Click on the gold arrows top of pics right and left to go from one area to another.

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