“The US Dollar Will Be Dead In 2012” / This By the Elites’ Inside Sources

Jan  Heman  3/22/2012

In the past we have posted many articles on the state of the U.S and world economies and they contained great information for informational purposes.

This particular information is quite different.

The following interview is conducted via an alternative radio voice and personality out side the U.S. because the mainstream media sources that we have all depended upon for accurate information through out the years here in America are financed by the very people who are controlling the major international banks and financial institutions that are keeping us in the dark when it comes to certain facts concerning economic matters.

Take the time to listen to this VERY IMPORTANT once in a life time interview with this Chaplin whom was so gracious in agreeing to do the interview for our benefit.

The financial and economic picture around the world is about to take the biggest turn for the worse the world has ever seen very soon, according to his inside sources within the ruling elites of the world, the decision makers that control the flow of credit to countries.

This Chaplin (now in his 70s) actually lived among and learned how the ruling elites of the world operate and he still has contacts with in that circle and still gets important useful information from them.

Knowing this information before this historic economic turn can help us get prepared before it happens.

Learn the indicators and the sequence of events that will trigger this historic economic event so you can make the appropriate move(s) to help protect you and your loved ones from the economic and financial destruction their next major move will cause.

They always announce their intentions in one form or another before they pull the trigger. It’s their code of conduct how ever sinister it may seem to us.

To get the full picture, listen to all of these very short videos all of the way through.

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