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The Reasons for Long-Term Food Storage are Many!

If a natural or man made disaster confined you to your home today, for a long period of time, would you be prepared?

Lets first start out by discussing relatively short-term emergencies like ice and snow storms.

When these kinds of potential home confining events are forecast, what is the first thing that people think about? “Do we have enough food?” They run to or stop by the store to stock up on extra food, right? Of course!
The problem is, everyone else in the area is usually thinking the same thing! 

Long lines and empty shelves can become a stark reality, pretty quickly.

Now, if a relatively short-term emergency might empty the store shelves in a hurry, what do you think will happen when a long term emergency rears it’s ugly head and causes wide-spread food disruptions such as: a currency crisis like hyper-inflation, or the dollar crashes and becomes worthless, drought, pestilence, bio disaster, civil unrest, possible world-wide food shortages, nuclear disaster or any other long-term natural or man-made disasters?

If any one of these long-term emergencies were to hit, instant panic would set in and the stores would be emptied out in a hurry.

Only 3 Days?

The experts say when the supply of food to the stores is disrupted, there is only about three days worth of food supply (on average) in the stores at one time, before the last edible item is sold.

Depending on the circumstances and the crisis all of the stores in your area may have to close entirely for an undetermined amount of time because of a lack of supply.


What Happens With Your family Once the Food Runs Out?
The more important question might be…What will other people do for food when they run out, get hungry and begin to panic?

All you have to do is look at what happened in Detroit when the automakers went belly up and that was a slower developing local problem.

Eventually blocks and blocks of homes were abandoned, stores had to close because there was not enough business to keep their doors opened.

Now, what if a similar scenario were to be nationwide? Then add what the mental effects would be on people when they first find out that their dollar is now worthless and then add to that, a realization that food shortages would soon follow.


All of the above referenced disasters have happened in the past and with the way events are unfolding in the world today, the reality is, one or more of these disasters are more likely to happen, here and soon.


The Head of Homeland Security Advises Close Friends?

It’s reported that Janet Napalitano, the Head of Homeland Security, advised her close friends in confidence recently, to stockpile at least six months worth of food for a possible disruption in the food supply.

What does she know that we don’t?

What does Home Land Security know that we don’t know?

If this isn’t enough disturbing news for the moment, read the following…


FEMA’s Alarmingly Huge Emergency Food Storage Order!

Event Update: June 9, 2011; It’s been reported by a long-term food storage and survival gear company that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has reportedly just placed an order for an additional 420 million long-term food storage meals. This order is in addition to the normal 6 million meals they have on hand normally. To put 420 million additional meals into perspective, that’s an additional 10 full-day supply of food for 14 million people. What do they know that we don’t? FEMA posted their request for bid on the internet and a few days later they pulled it. Had they made a mistake in posting it on a public domain? Did they decide to go directly to the food storage companies to not cause a stir or panic? No matter the case, this is very disturbing news.


Food Storage Delivery Delays Already?
There have already been delays in delivery of food storage for most food-storage companies, because of the recent sudden and persistent demand.

The startling and mind-boggling revelation of the HUGE “FEMA Purchase” could and probably will, only make getting your hands on food storage harder going forward… Don’t be left without.

If you have been putting off starting your long-term food storage program to protect your family, now is the time to get started.

Don’t gamble with your families future!

Get started today and purchase your long-term food storage and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and your loved ones will be well-nourished and taken care of when an emergency strikes.


Possible Food Shortage Heading Our Way?
There are more eminent threats of food inflation and shortages than ever before in our country’s recent history for the following reasons:

A Record Number of Tornadoes
I’m sure you have heard about the record  number of tornadoes that have devastated the southeast and the heartland of America this spring destroying many thousands of homes, farmland and businesses?


Record Flooding
The Army Corp of Engineers have blown levies in Missouri and Nebraska, intentionally flooding hundreds of thousands of acres of good farmland, they say, in order to save small towns downstream.

There are residents in Nebraska that are now saying the flooding of the Missouri River could have been avoided easily by opening up the dams to lower the level of the river earlier in the season (like they always have done before) to prepare for the extra amount of snow pack that they knew existed in the mountains. This is a common practice.

The farmers in Nebraska are now questioning whether or not it could have been intentional, because now the government has given permission to the Army Corp Engineers to offer the farmers (through a holding company that is partially owned by George Soros) a very low price for their land and homes.

It’s also reported that because the Army Corps blew the levies, the insurance companies are not going to pay, because the flooding was not a direct result of a natural event.

Ft Calhoun, Nebraska, Nuclear Power Plant

Also, as a result of the flooding in Nebraska, a nuclear plant located in Ft. Calhoun, was within one foot of being flooded. The flooding of the nuclear plant in Japan was what caused the water pumps from working properly and that is what caused the nuclear disaster there. It’s reported that our government for whatever reason, put out a gag order on the press and a no-fly zone over the nuclear plant.

Remember the record flooding this spring of towns all along the Mississippi River from Missouri all of the way down to the Gulf of Mexico this spring?

Recent flash floods in Florida are now occurring in July of 2011…
Wildfires in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of land, homes and  threatened a nuclear waste storage facility in Texas!


Earthquakes Worldwide

The number and frequency of earthquakes worldwide has been mind-boggling in the past year or so and the numbers and frequency have not slowed either.

The horrible earthquake in Haiti left many dead and homeless.

We all know about the recent events in Japan and the crisis it has turned out to be, starting with the earthquake, tsunami and the ongoing nuclear disaster that is affecting many countries in the northern hemisphere with radiation fallout.

What the mainstream media has not been reporting on are the unusually high numbers of earthquakes that are happening globally almost on a daily basis.


Hurricane Katrina!
We all know, even with a warning, how unprepared the people of that area and the Federal Government were…


Economic Upheaval!

How about the economic upheaval we are now experiencing here at home and around the globe
The dollar is being destroyed before our eyes by “quantitative easing”, which is deficit spending at a very high rate, trillions of dollars pumped into the economy which is devaluing our currency and dragging down the world currencies that are pegged to our dollar.

The ones that own the currencies that are pegged to our dollar are beginning to bail out on us, meaning we may have to default on our debts to China, or keep inflating our dollar to pay off the debt until hyper-inflation destroys and bring the value of the dollar down to zero.

All of the “in the know” experts that understand what is happening behind the scenes are saying it will get much worse, before it will get better!

This is not just an American issue today, but is a worldwide issue as well!


Don’t be the one that gambles your family’s very life-sustaining sustenance to the whims of this fickle and dangerous world we live in today!

Become a part of the solution and not part of the problem and get prepared with a plan and enough food and water (or water filter) to sustain you and your family for a short-term or a long-term emergency.


A Great Way to Start Your Long-Term Food Storage

A great way to start your long-term food storage efforts is by first preparing for the possibility of an emergency “get out of dodge” situation.

Make your own, or purchase a ready-to-go, Grab & Go Emergency Evac Pack for each member of your family.

These pre-made Emergency Grab & Go Packs are designed to cover four members of your family with enough food for at least the first and most critical 72 hours of an emergency when you are displaced from your home.

NOTE: You could use the extra food this pack offers for the beginnings of a long-term food storage plan if you can’t afford long-term food storage at this time.

These Grab & Go Pack(s) will buy your family of 4 at least an additional 72 hours of in-home food once your regular food is consumed in a longer-term emergency.

Start out by making or purchasing a grab-and-go evac pack. Then add to your long-term food storage as you are able.

There is also long-term bulk food storage you can purchase as well, such as freeze-dried rice and beans that you can purchase to supplement for your long-term food needs until you can afford the tasty, freeze-dried, pre-made entrée food storage, if that’s the way you choose to approach it.


Long-Term Food Storage You Can Enjoy and Thrive On
To cover your family for the longer term and a more widespread food shortage crisis, you need long-term food storage that you and your family will have enough variety of  entrées so you can enjoy eating your food storage for a long period of time.

These are very good-tasting, nutrient-packed, freeze-dried gourmet food  entrée we are talking about.

Many people on a regular day-by-day basis don’t eat this well!



MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) are more of a short-term food storage option, in a “get out of dodge” emergency where you are displaced from your home, especially if you are in an area where water isn’t readily accessible.

The MRE meals are not as good-tasting as the freeze-dried food storage and the shelf life isn’t nearly what freeze-dried is, but you don’t need water or a heat source to be able to eat them.

MRE’s are definitely a survival gear kind of food (these are Military grade meals) and are effective in delivering good nutrition in an emergency.

Living on them for the long-term could get tiresome for some people. MREs don’t have good flavor to begin with and they lose more flavor and nutritional value the older they get.

Shelf life for MREs is anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending on storage temps.

Freeze-dried shelf life is up to 30 years and the taste is better and lasts longer.

Here is a video covering some of the pros and cons of each from an independent source.

Caution:There have been reports that MREs could cause constipation problems for some people if they are eaten exclusively for longer than a week at a time. A few people have reported that this was the case, but I don’t know any more than that. This is something you might talk to the company that offers MREs about if you are planning for long-term food backup with this type of emergency food.

Do your own homework if you are concerned and are considering MREs (Meals Ready to  Eat) for a long-term food storage strategy. You may even mix MRE entries with freeze dried…This could be a question for the store’s instant message attendant.


Learn About Food Storage and Other Emergency Necessities

To begin learning about the simple subject of long-term food storage or other emergency items you are interested in, you can instant message store attendants concerning any questions you have about any of the products within the website. For an example: what are the advantages of freeze-dried food storage over dehydrated food storage? 

You can use the same instant message service to help plan your emergency food and gear strategies as well. That’s what they are there. They know most people know little about this subject, so feel free to contact them and ask away!

Once on the sites that have on-line attendants simply look through the site, take some notes and ask whatever question you have about the products you want to know more about.

Many of the products have more information in video format on the left of the page, once you double-click on the product you are interested in.

Example Video…

How Do You Prepare Freeze-Dried Food Storage?

Questions About Food Storage?

Any questions you have about the various aspects of food storage or any of the other products can either be answered within each website in print, videos or by instant message via a live attendant during store hours.


Event Update: June 9, 2011; It’s been reported by a long-term food storage and survival gear company that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has reportedly just placed an order for an additional 420 million long-term food storage meals. This order is in addition to the normal 6 million meals they have on hand normally. To put 420 million additional meals into perspective, that’s an additional 10 full-day supply of food for 14 million people. What do they know that we don’t? FEMA posted their request for bid on the internet and a few days later they pulled it. Had they made a mistake in posting it on a public domain? Did they decide to go directly to the food storage companies to not cause a stir or panic? No matter the case, this is very disturbing news.


Now is the time to get started!

Don’t let FEMA or the Military buy up all of the food storage stock and get yours NOW, before it’s too late!


It’s Time To Get Started!

Learn about and purchase the very best Bug Out Bags / Grab n Go / Evac Packs, long-term food storage, precious metals and other essential survival items your family will need by visiting the best online stores we could find.


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