Bug Out Emergency Survival

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Bug Out Emergencies

If a Natural or Man-made Disaster Forced You to Flee Your Home in a Hurry, Would You be Prepared?

If you had to evacuate your home immediately like this family needed to in the video below, would you have everything you need ready at hand to sustain you and your family until you could reach a place of safety and sustenance?


Becoming Isolated

In some emergency evacuation scenarios you may not be able to stop at a restaurant or a store to pick up items like food & water because they may have been evacuated as well?

In a sudden emergency evacuation, flight mode and little time to think things through, is not the time to plan for the needs of your family.That’s why it is imperative to have everything you need ready to go so you can react quickly.

Knowing you have all that your family needs in place before an emergency strikes will give you peace of mind and confidence knowing everything is covered, if a threat becomes a reality.

Of coarse, the end result of not being prepared for a “Get out of Dodge” situation could be at the least a high anxiety situation for everyone involved and in the worst case scenario could mean severe consequences depending on the conditions.

So make sure you have an emergency plan worked out and have back packs or containers with food and water along with other items you will need. It would be best to have one for both your vehicle (in case you get stranded while out) and one in your home if you have to quickly flee from your home.                  _______________________________________________________________

Why Be Concerned About Being Prepared?

Hurricane Katrina and the great black out in the whole northeast portion of the United States in 2003 when the power grid failed come to mind. Earth quakes, mudslides, forest fires, sudden flooding, blizzards and wild fires also come to mind.

The Coming Economic Turmoil and Civil Unrest

When austerity measures take place and the national and local governments are forced to balance their budgets on the backs of state and federal retirees as well as social security, medicare and Medicaid recipients along with other necessary budget cuts, there could be wide-spread civil unrest like other countries have already experienced.

If you suddenly have to leave your home for a time because of civil unrest, you would really appreciate having a Bug Out Bag / Evac pack with enough good tasting and filling food for two weeks.

Event Update: June 9, 2011; It’s been reported by a long-term food storage and survival gear company that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has reportedly just placed an order for an additional 420 million long-term food storage meals. This order is in addition to the 6 million meals they have on hand normally. To put 420 million additional meals into perspective, that’s an additional 10 full-day supply of food for 14 million people. What do they know that we don’t? FEMA posted their request for bid on the internet and a few days later they pulled it. Had they made a mistake in posting it on a public domain? Did they decide to go directly to the food storage companies to not cause a stir or panic? No matter the case, this is very disturbing news.                                                                                                  _______________________________________________________

Recent Natural Disasters

Have you noticed the increased intensity, frequency and the numbers of kinds of natural disasters lately all around the country and around the world?

Record Tornado Damage

Record breaking damage from a record number of tornadoes in the Midwest, South Central and even Northeastern states that normally don’t ever see tornadoes have occurred in the last couple of years.

People who have lived in the upper northeast part of this country that have never had tornadoes before watched in disbelief as tornadoes destroyed homes and businesses in their neighborhoods. Not normal times and happenings…

Record Flooding

Record flooding throughout the north central part of the country all the way down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. Earthen levies blown to save towns in harm’s way, destroying other towns. People having to leave their homes in a moments notice and many loosing their homes and farms as a result. Hundreds of thousands of acres of the best farmland in our country destroyed by forced flooding.

Flooding Causes Nuclear Close Call

Nebraska could have become the next Fukushima type nuclear disaster when the flood-waters surrounding a nuclear power plant there came with in another six inches (in dept) of water from flooding the fuel rod pools. It was such a close call the federal government issued a gag order to the press and a no fly zone over the plant.

Can you imagine how large of an area would have to be evacuated if the worst case would have transpired? Who knows how much of an area would have been contaminated if just 6 ” of additional water would have crept into that area.


How about all of the 2010 – 2011 destructive wild fires in California, Colorado  and the southwest destroying millions of acres of land and many homes as a result.

Wildfires in Texas came very close to catching a nuclear waste dump on fire. If that waste dump would have ignited the coverage of the evacuation could have been enormous.


A record number of earthquakes in the central and west coast portions of the our country and many times the normal all around the world in 2010 – 2011.


Emergencies You May Experience And How To Be Prepared

Blizzards – Every year, blizzards hit dozens of northern states, from as far west as Washington to as far east as Maine. Most deaths caused by blizzards happen when people get stranded in their cars. Wouldn’t it be smart to have an Evac Pack in your car all winter long, just in case?

Car Breakdown – Imagine being stranded on the side of the road, outside the range of cell phone towers. (There are many such places in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada and Colorado.) As you wait for hours, an Evac Pack could provide you with water, nourishment, and even warmth until help arrives.

Civil Unrest – Riots and outright revolts have erupted in Europe and South America as more governments implement austerity measures to help balance their budgets. How long until we see civil unrest in the U.S.? Nobody knows, but when it happens, you’ll want to be able to grab your Evac Pack and leave, if necessary.

Earthquakes – Every year, there are about 6 earthquakes in the U.S. that register a 6.0 or higher on the Richter scale. One of those is usually a 7.0 or higher, which can cause major damage. And while earthquakes can sometimes hit suddenly, an Evac Pack could help you get through the aftermath.

Floods – During 2010, Tennessee experienced some of the worst flooding in the state’s history. The flood waters hit hard and fast. Some were able to evacuate, others were stranded. Either way, an Evac Pack would have been a valuable asset for many of the people living in the flood zones of Tennessee. 

Forest Fires – Forest fires are always unexpected, and when one starts it can move very quickly. When your home is threatened, there is usually very little time to evacuate with the necessary items you will need to sustain you and your family until you get in a safe environment. Having bug out bags / evac packs stored in an accessible place in your home or in your car, or both, would make the evacuation that much calmer knowing you have what you need for your survival until you can return home or until you are in that safe place where there is more sustenance for your family.

Hurricanes – I’m sure you remember Hurricane Katrina and you have probably seen some of the other hurricanes and the devastation they cause ? Do you remember seeing on the news the endless lines of traffic trying to get out of the city? Hopefully you weren’t one of these people, but many of the people got stuck because it simply took too long for them to get ready and flee to get out of harms way. A bug out bag / evac pack will improve your response time so you can get out — and get safe — before everybody else does. If you get stuck in traffic for a long period of time in one of these disastrous situations, with a bug out bag / evac pack you will have enough food to sustain you until things return back to normal.

Off-Road Breakdown – In an off-road excursion, what happens if you break down and you’re now well off the trail and nobody is in sight to help you. There is no cell phone signal. A bug out bag / evac pack stored in the back of your off-road vehicle could give you enough food and warm to buy you enough time for help to arrive.

Food Riots and Civil Unrest

Lets also consider the food shortages and food riots that are happening around the world that could affect us here in the United States as well…

Severe weather and bio hazards have played a role in food shortages that have devastated the world in the last year or so.

Getting started on preparation for all of these possible events is easier than you might think.

Do all you can do with in your budget to get prepared for that emergency evacuation and obtain a bug out bag / evac pack that will give you a good start on being prepared.

Click here for additional content ideas for a Bug out Bag / Grab n Go Bag / Evac Pack and ideas for what you may need for a small child, the elderly, pets and for automobile emergencies.

We believe it is a good idea to purchase a Bug Out Bag with either freeze-dried, dehydrated or MRE (where water is a problem to obtain, like in the desert areas) food with other emergency items. Then purchase another pack for the additional items you would deem necessary for your particular situation. Remember whenever an Evac Pack / Grab n Go/ Bug Out Bag is refered to as a 2 week bag, this means 2 weeks worth of food for 1 person / 1 week for 2 people / 3 days for a family of 4 etc.


Now is the time to get started!

Don’t let FEMA or the Military buy up all of the food storage stock and get yours NOW, before it’s too late!

Remember, many of the suppliers of freeze-dried food have already had delays in supply because of the great demand.


Learn about and purchase the very best Bug Out Bags / Grab n Go / Evac Packs, long-term food and water storage, precious metals, wind and solar back up power, water filters and water generators, pets survive and thrive gear and other essential survival and life enhancing items your family will need by visiting the best online stores we could find.


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