Emergency Evacuation Ideas for You and Your Pets


From a lakeside dock in Yucaipa Regional Park, the McHenry family cheers as a Sikorsky S64 Sky Crane firefighting helicopter goes “in the dip” for another load of water in Yucaipa, California on Tuesday, Sept 1, 2009. The parents and their son spent the night camping in the park after receiving a mandatory evacuation order from their nearby home. (AP Photo/Los Angeles Times, Don Bartletti)


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Evacuation Check Lists (samples)                                                                                            

The following evacuation check lists are examples only and may or may not have all of the necessary items included to meet your families individual needs.

Add to and subtract items as you see necessary.

A Sample Home Evacuation Check List

  1. Load all of the 2 Week Grab & Go Packs (emergency food and emergency item kits). DON’T forget the Meds! Describe where the bags are located here. One for each family member.
  2. Pack cell phones and don’t forget the chargers.
  3. Put all 72 hr-hour emergency clothes bags in the car. Describe where they are located and what they look like (size, color, shape etc.).
  4. Grab and load the first-aid kit. Describe where it is located and what it looks like (size, color, shape etc.).
  5. Get the water containers and load them into the car. Describe where they are located and what they look like (size, color, shape etc.).
  6. Load up any additional food and water, drinks, snacks, cookies, crackers into a bag or box container.
  7. Pack any cold food, cheese, milk and ICE PACKS, and load into the (color) cooler located in (location).
  8. Grab the local city and state map located in (location) and put them into a plastic bag and put it into the car.
  9. Grab the batteries (located in…) put them into a plastic bag and load them into the car.
  10. Get the “important papers folder” place into a plastic bag (bags located in the…) load into the car.
  11. Gather up and load into the car at least one blanket, pillow and sleeping bag for each family member. Blankets are in the…) Pillows (each bedroom) and the Sleeping bags are in the….
  12. Gather and load up any self defense weapons, don’t forget the ammunition! Located in the…
  13. Gather up some books, CD’s and toys to entertain the children.
  14. Gather any pictures of the family that you can.  Place one of the family pics into each of the emergency food and item kits (Grab & Go Packs). Good to have especially for the children, in case any one of the children become separated from each other for a period of time. A picture of the entire family will be a good comfort for a child if separated from their family for a time. Good also to identify family members, if a family member gets separated.
  15. Don’t forget wallets and purses.
  16. Have a list of at least one (preferably 2 contacts) contact from both sides of the family that live away from your area preferably. Name address and telephone # of each side of the family. Place a copy of this information into each emergency supply kit, so all of the evacuating family member have this info.
  17. Give a list of all of the family member’s cell phone #s to someone on both sides of the family as well.
  18. Contact each member (at least one on each side of family) and let them know what you are doing, where you plan on going and for what emergency reason. Tell them who is with you. Give them a time that you will follow up with them to give them an update. Family members that have a cell phone need to swap numbers  (not only programed into your phone, but a hard copy that can be placed in a wallet or purse) so you can contact each other if separated.
  19. Lock up the house and leave.
  20. Make sure you fill up the car with gas as soon as you can, on the way out of dodge!

 If it is a Hurricane / Evacuation…

  • Only if you know you have the time, do all of the above and then the following:
  1. Move all valuables away from the windows.
  2. Board up the windows. The boards and nails are in the…) the boards are labeled for each room).
  3. Turn off the water and electricity. Leave the natural gas ON, unless the authorities tell you to shut it off. If propane, shut it off.
  4. Move all loose articles from the lawn into the garage. Lock up the house and leave.
  5. Make sure you fill up the gas tank on the way out of dodge!

Your Pets in an Emergency

Everyone that has a pet is concerned about what to do with them when an emergency strikes. The best thing you can do, is get as prepared as possible now, so you, the family, and your pet(s) will be taken care of in the event of an emergency.

Click on the items below that you may want to pack in your pets Emergency Grab & Go kit:


Go here for another evacuation item check list, Grab & Go / Evac /Bug Out Bag content list that includes ideas for your PET’S bag, as well as content ideas for an emergency pack for an AUTOMOBILE emergency.

Go here for good pet evacuation thoughts and ideas. This document was specifically directed for people in the area of North Carolina, but most of it’s content applies to where ever you may live.

NOTE: If you decide to purchase a grab and go / evac / bug out bag instead of assembling one from scratch,  just check off the items that are already in the prepared pack (from the list) and add what other additional items you deem necessary from that list into the purchased pack or add the additional items to another pack and keep them together for easy access.

Remember, each family member needs their own grab and go pack, so if they were to get separated for any reason, they would be able to better survive, having the necessary food and shelter they will need.


Now is the time to get started!

Don’t let FEMA or the Military buy up all of the food storage stock and get yours NOW, before it’s too late! Click here to access the stores with the products to meet your food and water storage, bug-out-bag and other emergency preparation needs.


It’s Time To Get Started!

Learn about and purchase the very best Bug Out Bags / Grab n Go / Evac Packs, long-term food storage, precious metals and other essential survival items your family will need by visiting the best online stores we could find.


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