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Home Backup Power     

Refer to the bottom of this page for a link to calculate your electrical wattage needs and also click here or on the red arrow near the bottom of the page to gain access to the highest quality solar (off the grid 100%) and fuel powered (still on the grid and dependent on fuel) back up generators and other emergency survival items and ideas.


When your electrical power is suddenly lost in your home and it stays off for an extended period of time, will you be prepared?

When you suffer a prolonged power outage and you are without back up electrical power, the problems created can be many and get expensive, both in monetary cost and inconvenience.

If the power outage is long enough, your refrigerated food and medicines will spoil, medical device back ups will fail (when the back up batteries eventually fail), cell phones and laptops loose there charge, sump pumps, well pumps, air conditioners and heating systems will not operate.

You may have already experienced these problems before, so why go through it again?

And with the impending problems with the economy and energy legislation, why would you want to leave you and your family exposed to the risky times in which we live today?

Have you seen all of the uncommon catastrophic weather related problems lately in our country?

I guess if your power went out, you could go else were to survive, or wait it out.
But, even if you and your family were able to go else where to wait it out, a sump pump failure in your home could cause flood damage, no heat in sub freezing temps could cause frozen and broken water pipes and still, what about your food?

Of coarse food spoilage would be more of a concern during the warmth of the spring and summer months.

In the event of a prolonged power outage, you also have to take into consideration that every one else you know could be in the same situation that you are in, so help from others may not be available as you might have anticipated. You may not even be able to leave your home in some crisis situations such as: snow storms, flash floods, a nuclear disaster, earthquakes mud slides, civil unrest, etc.


Wide Spread Outages

Lacking back up power, you are  at the mercy of fickle weather systems, tornadoes, hurricanes, earth quakes, mudslides, man made disasters, power grid failures (because of an aging power grid), possible EMP attacks on our power grid or other problems as was the case in 2003 when a large portion of the northeast section of the U.S and Canada was with out power. A black out occurred because a portion of the out dated power grid went down (see picture).


Brown Outs and Black Outs?

You could even suffer brown outs and black outs forced by future government regulation.

The proposed federal government’s energy bill (Cap & Trade) is being cut up into small doses and is being implemented piece by piece in other bills after being struck down recently by the House of Representatives.

The president said, before he was elected, that under his Cap & Trade bill, it would cause electricity costs “to necessarily sky rocket”.

As you read this, all commodity prices are and have been rising and causing energy costs to rise even with out the Cap & Trade legislation effecting prices yet.

What we are seeing now is a combination of the middle east unrest and inflation causing gasoline prices to rise.

What will happen when all of the effects of the new energy bill kicks in? The “energy costs will necessarily sky rocket” as the (to be) president of the United States told us!

Watch and listen in his own words here:


The Smart Grid

When the national power smart grid is finished, the amount of power available to you and I can be controlled by the power companies and/or by a government agency (this has already been in effect in some parts of the country). But, even with the possibility of the government or power company limiting your supply of power through some kind of “Green” legislation, you can still have all of the electrical power that you need anytime you want it, but only if you rely on sources of energy NOT supplied by the market system, such as power from your own wind or solar power sources.

All other back up power generators sources keep you dependent on purchasing fuel which may or may not be available or may be cost prohibitive in an economy emergency or collapse.  Therefore, you are still dependent “on the grid”.

You can even use your new “off the grid” back up power source to pay for itself by supplementing your every day power usage!

Being prepared with back up power to your home is the only way to be self sufficient in any emergency situation when electrical power is lost.


Energy Savings With an Unhealthy Alternative?         This is “Green”?

I am sure that you are aware of the new “Green” regulation that the federal government has instituted that is causing the incandescent light bulb to be phased out? It has been reported that there are now no manufacturing plants in the U.S. making the incandescent bulb any longer (can’t turn back now), the last plant was shut down just recently here in the United States.

We are in the near future are going to be forced to purchase and use CFL or (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) in our light sockets now that the incandescent bulb is no longer available.

The problem is, there are reported potential health risks involved with the use of these CFL bulbs.

Click here to read an article about the problems with these bulbs. Pause the video that will start automatically, so you can concentrate on the article, located underneath the video.

LED Light Bulbs / Are They the Answer to the CFL Bulb Scare?

Seemingly Expensive Alternative to Dangerous CFL Bulbs…

Do LED light bulbs really cost you more in the long run?

There is no need to fuss about having to use the CFL bulbs (pictured above), now there is a viable alternative light bulb that is even better than the old incandescent light bulbs in light quality, 90% energy savings over the incandescent bulb and they last up to 40 years and contain none of the dangerous pollutant chemicals and health risks that the new CFL bulb poses.

Note: The 90% energy savings and the 35 to 40 year life expectancy makes up for the much higher initial costs for these bulbs.

Click on the red arrow near the bottom of the page for more information about these high quality energy saving light bulbs. You will be taken to a page with suppliers of different items you will want to click on the banner that has the LED light bulbs listed in items included in that store.


These Are the Five Reasons Given by Joseph Farah / Editor and Chief Executive Officer of World Net Daily for Getting Solar Power Right Away

He stated the following in part; “I’m convinced that the current administration’s propensity for socialist answers to every one of our nation’s problems will create shortages of gargantuan proportions.” “One of the areas I’m especially concerned about is electricity. The left’s war against nuclear and coal power combined with much of the new climate legislation may leave many without power.” “That’s why I’m recommending that you begin to take steps to get off the grid right away. I can personally recommend the Solar Powered Generator available from Solutions From Science in Thomson, IL (since I own one).

NOTE: Click on the red arrow near bottom of the page to gain access to information on this solar back up system and it’s special prices.

Here are five good reasons I believe you should consider buying a Solar Generator from our friends at Solutions From Science:”

Number One: It’s really only a matter of time before new climate legislation affects your electric bill. Folks, it’s going to go up. How far I can’t say but expect continuous upward pressure on the cost of electric power.

Number Two: Our new energy czar wants to control how much power your electric company allows you to have. It’s true, total government control of electricity in the name of smart grid technology is coming soon.

Number Three: In some areas of the country, the power grid is dangerously overloaded with new Socialist legislation now only compounding the problem.

Number Four: Every year thousands of families lose their power because of powerful storms. In the south, it’s hurricanes and tornadoes. In the north, it’s powerful thunderstorms, ice and snow that knock out regional power grids … sometimes for weeks at a time.

Number Five: These new Solar Generators provide powerful backup insurance and ultimately, peace of mind. I really believe that socialism causes shortages and that it’s only a matter of time before we get hit with government-induced brownouts and blackouts, not to mention much, much higher electric bills.

“It’s Time For You to Prepare for an Uncertain Future”

Solar Power…    

Solar Powered Backup Generators / Get Off of the Grid and Become Energy Independent

 NOTE: Click on the red arrow near bottom of the page to gain access to information on this solar back up system and it’s special prices. Once on the site, then click the tab at the top of that webpage labeled “Solar Power and Energy”.

The following link will take you to a page where you can estimate the amount of power you will need from a backup generator, the particular power needs of your home:

Estimate Your Power Needs / Guidelines Only


Gasoline, Natural Gas and Propane Powered                                                Conventional Home Backup Generators

First calculate (below) what your needs are, then match the need.

The fuel powered backup power generator (even though some of them will power your entire home) is good only for providing temporary electrical power backup in the case of short term electrical power outages.

In the event of a long term power outage, you will only have power for as long as you have fuel, you will still be dependent on the grid or the energy system, because of fuel dependency.

When an emergency or a disaster strikes, the gas stations power, needed to power the pumps may be out as well or there could be a run on the gas stations, like in the 1970’s gas shortage here in the U.S..

Also, in the event of a crisis where your family is cut off or separated from the outside world and therefore from outside sources of fuel for an extended period of time, or if there is a shortage of fuel resulting from any number of possible scenarios, (including, natural gas lines breaking in the event of an earthquake or mudslide etc.) you could find yourself out of fuel and thus, have no power.

Have you noticed the up-tick in earth quakes, tornadoes, snow and ice storms, hurricanes and floods lately? Not just in the U.S. but globally?


Generator Installation Notes


If you are like a lot of us that are electrically and/ or “handyman challenged”, consider having an electrician install your fuel powered “stand by” generator.

Contact and give a copy of your fuel powered standby generator specs to a few licensed electricians and have them give you a competitive price for installation.



But remember, to be totally off of the grid, the best solar generator on the market will sustain you, when other generators can’t and it won’t take an electrician to install Solar either…Just plug it in…

A permanent installation of a portable generator is not needed.

The following link will take you to a page where you can estimate the amount of power you will need from a backup generator. The particular power needs of your home:

Estimate Your Power Needs / Guidelines Only

NOTE: Click on the red arrow near bottom of the page to gain access to information on this solar back up system and it’s special prices.

There is a great demand for back up power generators, unlike any time in our countries history, because of all of the unprecedented natural disasters that have occurred lately.

So get yours here before they sell out or become very hard to get.


Another Reminder:

Remember, that there’s no need to fuss about having to use the unpopular CFL light bulbs that the government is forcing us to use in place of the incandescent bulbs. There is now a viable alternative light bulb, that is even better than the old incandescent light bulbs in light quality, 90% energy savings over the incandescent bulb and they last up to 40 years and contain none of the health risks that the new CFL bulb poses.

LED bulbs are safe, and put out great light quality, extremely long bulb life (up to 40 years) and a 90% energy savings over the old incandescent light bulbs:

NOTE: Click here to gain access to information and to purchase these LED bulbs.


Click here to read an article concerning the problems with and the potential health risks of the new CFL or Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs that are replacing the old incandescent light bulbs, in the U.S. and the U.K..   An amusing video will start automatically when you arrive on the page . The article is underneath the video and is very informative.

These CFL bulbs are potentially very dangerous!

Now is the time to get started!

Learn about and purchase the very best Bug Out Bags / Grab n Go / Evac Packs, long-term food storage, precious metals and other essential survival items your family will need by visiting the best online stores we could find.


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