Emergency Survival Scenarios & Solutions

How Will You Handle An Emergency When It Strikes?

When the average person is confronted with a sudden emergency, most go into flight mode and find it difficult to think clearly.

Confusion, fear and anxiety of the unknown is overwhelming . This is not only unnerving for the victims of a crisis, but dangerous as well.


Proper Planning

Proper planning before a crisis strikes is critical in keeping everyone as calm, healthy and safe as possible during an emergency.

Are you willing to do the small things that will prepare you and your family for that pending emergency that probably will happen if you are not prepared?

If you are willing to do a few simple things to protect your family, continue reading this page and the other pages on this website for some potentially life saving information.


We will get into a few emergency scenarios that could and probably will visit you if you are not prepared, but first…

Get all of the information right here on where you can obtain the best and necessary education and items you will need for that pending emergency at competitive prices all in one place for your convenience. See “SHOP and LEARN NOW” near the bottom of the page to gain access to the information and suppliers of what you will need.


Displaced From Your Home?

In the event of a crisis where you and your family are suddenly displaced from your home, you need to know that your family will have what they need to survive when stores become inaccessible or closed.

You should have all of your basic needs ready at hand, at a moments notice, including enough food and water to sustain your family for a good period of time, until you are able to reach a place of safety and renewed sustenance (food and water).

Getting away from imminent danger by fleeing your home can leave you exposed to the lack of sustenance on the other side, depending on the emergency!


Stranded in Your Home?

If a sudden emergency makes it impossible for you to leave your home for an undetermined amount of time, you will need to have plenty of food and water to sustain your family members until help becomes available. Sometimes, this can last a few days or up to a number of weeks or longer depending on the crisis.

If while stranded, the power goes out in your home, this could become a dangerous situation.

We all know that exposure to extreme weather for an extended period of time presents a danger to family members, especially for individuals with a suppressed immune system, babies and the elderly.

Also, you have to consider the extreme inconvenience and possible exposure from your electricity being out. This would cause sump pumps to not work, no heating or cooling, loss of lights, loss of food and medications from a lack of refrigeration, electronic medical device failure after back up batteries fail, cell phone chargers, computers and TVs etc. If you are on a well or septic, toilets will not flush and there will be no running water.

Of coarse clean water, food and the availability of medicines and first aid are of the greatest concern.

You need to take into account, all of these necessities and possibly more, when preparing for an emergency.

An investment in a back-up power generator is a good option to protect yourself and family against these potential problems.

Again, whether the emergency leaves you stranded in your home or displaced from your home, the first thing to be concerned about is having enough food, water and shelter to get you through either form of crisis.


How Much Food Would You Really Have?

Look around your home and see how much food you would have left, if all of your refrigerated food were to spoil. After a day or so in hot weather without power, your refrigerated food becomes uneatable.

Also, when a long term power outage occurs, even if you are not stranded, a large geographic area could be impacted by the same power outage, so moving refrigerated foods and staying with friends or family may not be a viable option.

If, in the cold of winter, your power goes out, you may have friends or family you can go stay with, but only if they are not impacted by the same outage. Even if you can find other shelter, if you don’t get heat inside your home, your plumbing could freeze.


Be Like A Good Scout!

Being prepared makes most emergency situations at worse, survivable.

Not being prepared in a crisis is at best, a miserable situation and at worst, it could be very devastating to your family members in a number of ways.

Take Note of Your Environment

Be prepared before a crisis strikes, by first taking note of your environment.

By examining past problems that you have already experienced, consider possible disasters and emergencies that have already occurred in and around your area. Then look at the possible man made disasters that could occur as well. Put some thought into each situation, and make a plan to address each one, of course starting with the most likely scenario for your given geographic area and also consider the times in which we live to prepare for possible man made disasters.

There are things you can prepare for that will cover you in almost all of these situations, so get that part of your preparedness plan executed first. If it is storing water do that first, then go from there. Starting the process and seeing it come together will motivate you to finish the process to you eventual peace of mind.

Starting is the most important step!

If you just consider these possible scenarios and how to deal with them ahead of time, you are already ahead of most people in beginning the process of being prepared for an emergency.

Make an Emergency Plan!

Having an emergency plan and following it, is of vital importance if you want the peace of mind that your family will be taken care of in the event of an emergency.

Preparing a plan and obtaining self sustaining sustenance will minimize your families exposure to possible complications resulting from a crisis situation.

Obtain the appropriate food, water, back up power generator and above all, make up and follow your own emergency PLAN!

One important item that gets over looked in planning is, when an certain type of emergency strikes like tornadoes and floods where homes and building land marks can be destroyed or removed and cell towers and other communications can be disrupted, it’s good to have a few meeting places where certain roads intersect or stationary land marks are located, so if one or the other is destroyed or unaccessable the other might be OK to meet at. 

Make sure all of your family members have a copy of your plan as well.


A Possible Unemployment Threat?

Now days, unemployment is a threat to most individuals in this turbulent and changing economy.

Having food storage will give you peace of mind that you and your family will eat even if you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer afford food.

Sounds really far fetched doesn’t it!

Plan for a personal economic crisis. It could happen to you!


Start Planning!

Click the below “what’s your plan” black box image for an outline of a few ideas and a few of the items you will need to help you get started on making your own evacuation plan. Design it specifically for just you and your family.


What Items Will I Need to Get Started?

Go to the other pages (below) in this website now, for the very best suppliers we could find, for all that you will need to get started on being self sufficient in any emergency situation:

Emergency Evacuation 72 hour (4 family members) or 2 week (person), Grab & Go Evac Packs & Other Important Items and  Information

Long Term Food Storage and Other Survival Gear Info…

Long Term Water Storage and Portable Water Filter Systems Info…

Protect Yourself from the Declining Value of the Dollar…

Solar and Other Conventional Fueled, Back Up Home Generators…


Natural and Unusual Man Made Disasters to Consider

Natural disaster threats are many and seem to be happening at a more frequent rate than ever today; earth quakes, wild fires, floods, tornadoes, snow storms, mud slides, nuclear accidents and hurricanes leave us exposed every day of our lives and should be considered.

Man made disasters can and are more likely to happen now than ever before, such as; terrorist threats, civil unrest, nuclear threats, weather modification and the one threat that we hardly even consider and is the one most likely effect us all, economic terrorism, hyper inflation, a dollar crash and depression.

Remember, there is never any excuse for not being prepared for an emergency especially if you have a family you are responsible for.


Insurance to Physically Protect Your Family?

It’s always the “what if” scenario that we prepare for, when we purchase insurance to protect against financial loss in the event something would happen to our business, home, car, health and life.

We are all so naturally willing to pay out the nose to insure our things and against financial loss stemming from disasters, accidents, sickness or death, but not to insure or guarantee the very basics of sustaining life, in the event of a life threatening food and water emergency.

Just the droughts and flooding in this country has put pressure on the food supply. Ad in all of the other food shortages around the world and we could have a huge food shortage problem in this country.

Food shortages may be hard to contemplate for us here in the U.S., but with the inflation of the dollar, we could see food so expensive in the near future, many may not be able to afford food.

Have you checked out the prices of corn lately?

If you think for a moment that this scenario is far fetched, keep reading…

Could a Food Emergency Really Happen Here?

It’s already happened before in America in the 1930’s during our last depression.

Millions starved to death and millions of others went hungry.

You also have to take into consideration, the people back then were more self sufficient and generally more neighborly as a rule than we are today and millions still starved.

You may have never heard about this, but there are a lot of things about our history that never made the headlines even back then, especially if the powers that be wanted to maintain a semblance of order.

Would people today be as apt or as well suited to be of much help to others, if it were to happen today?

Protect both your property and your family member’s lives if a long term disaster were to strike.

No one wants to live with the reality that they could have prevented the unthinkable.

Acquire now, what you will need to protect them.


Need More Motivation to Get Prepared?

Take a few more moments and keep reading…

(The majority of the following article content came from the “Solutions From Science” website.)

Caution: some people may be offended and some may be to young to understand the following content. This content is factual and accurate. A real wake up call…

Hunger and Human Behavior

After Only A Few Short Days Without

Food, Human Behavior Turns Ugly

Some Disturbing Facts:

90% of the People Will Steal, Pillage and Kill After Just 10 Days Without Food.

It Gets Worse… Severe Hunger Transforms Decent Everyday People Into Savage Human Flesh Eaters After Just 15 Days.

“During the siege of Leningrad, (picture right) having a crust of bread was living high on the food chain. Eating rats and even wallpaper to survive was common.


“Most Americans think it’s crazy to believe it could ever happen here.”

The Pentagon, in the 1950s, conducted a study to find out what normal everyday people would do at different stages of starvation.
What was discovered is very unnerving…

After a mere 10 days without food, 90% of people will steal, pillage and kill for food.

But after a mere 15 days the mind begins to deteriorate and almost all human beings become cannibals… ready, willing, and…

Even Eager to Eat Their Neighbors!

I know, this seams quite extreme, but think about how long it has been since you have eaten and even if you are hungry right now, it has probably been no more than 6 hours since you’ve eaten.

Just think about it for a moment. If you were experiencing a long-term food shortage, you may not eat for days and possibly even weeks.

After just a few days without food, hunger will be gnawing away at a person’s stomach like a hungry rat… anxiety and fear will be stalking their weakening mind.

But after two weeks, real desperation sets in and the loss of mind control makes people do insane things. Things like stealing, eating their pets, murder and yes,  even cannibalism.

Can Famine and Hunger Come To America?

Right now, the entire North American continent is facing challenges never before seen in modern history.

Droughts, tornadoes, floods and other uncommon natural disasters this year have decimated crops in America’s heartland.

Many of the crops that have survived are being shipped off to foreign shores.

To make the situation even worse, we’re now more dependent than ever on imported food from other countries and many 3rd world countries are suffering food shortages from drought and government farmland takeovers.

One example of how fragile our food import situation is do to politics is, most of our fruit comes from Israel and that’s a very unstable part of the world today.

Another huge problem has been the e-coli outbreak that has forced a number of European countries to destroy much of their crops. There are those who think this e-coli out break could have been intentional.

All it would take is another “False Flag” operation… hyperinflation…adollar crash or more natural disasters or an oil crisis, to yank the rug out from under America’s food supply.

And when that happens, you can expect the following…

The first day – There’s mayhem at the grocery stores. People are fighting over the last few jars and boxes of food. Fights break out. Note: If the American public will fight over a video game during Black Friday shopping, just imagine what they will do, if they feared starving…

2nd day – Most people still have food in their homes. But they are eating lightly to make the food they do have last as long as they can, so everybody is on edge.

5th day – Now you are entering the time frame when many people begin to run out of food. Neighbors come knocking on your door and asking you very nicely, “Do you have any food that we can have?”

                                                                                                                                                                        9th Day – Groups of armed desperate strangers are making their rounds, stealing food at gunpoint going from neighborhood to neighboorhood. You begin hearing gunshots down the street.

15th Day – The neighbors you thought you knew so well have become strangers to you. They’re not acting normal anymore. People are desperate and some are beginning to dye. Nothing can be done and even the government can’t help because…

There’s No Food Left!


Of course, the ruling elite of this country will vanish into secret bunkers and feast on the food they’ve stocked up. They’ll dine like kings and queens. This is a fact!

“But the average unprepared American family will starve.

Millions will die.

If this scenario sounds shocking… or even impossible… look no further than America’s Great Depression for proof that hunger can visit this land.

Millions of Families Went Hungry During the Last Great Depression – and That Was When People Were More Self-Sufficient!

As a matter of fact in 1940, after the depression ended, the population in the U.S. was
projected to be around 142 million. But after the actual census was taken, it was found to be only 132 million. It was known that 3 million people left the country. What happened to the other 7 million starving people? It was never fully known how many Americans actually died during this brief depression.

Lessons of history can be too easily forgotten.

“It was only 80+ years ago that starvation ravaged the land INSIDE the United States! And that is when a lot people of the American people grew their own crops and were more self-sufficient.

We have become a lot more domesticated now, relying only on the stores that supply our food.

Almost no one is self-sufficient anymore.

During the last Depression, people tried to helped each other out. Today, people will kill you for a lot lesser need.

Any slight disruption in the food distribution system here and Americans will feel it immediately. The casualties could literally run into the tens of millions.

Let’s get to the bottom line. The statistics mean nothing, compared to the reality of what people will do when they begin to feel the overwhelming physical effects of starvation and they begin to feel the real fear of death fear.

You see, when people don’t have food to eat, it doesn’t take long for desperation to set into their minds. Desperation leads people to do desperate things and it usually doesn’t play out very well for the people around them.

Did you know, the early American colonists who lived in Jamestown resorted to cannibalism during what was called the “Starving Time” of 1609-1610.

As a Matter of fact…

They Dug Up Corpses for Food!

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, looters emptied shelves faster than anybody ever imagined.
“An out-of-town-er who was visiting New Orleans compared the chaos to a war zone.

Most of us don’t realize that food shortages have happened all over the world and all throughout history. For instance, in the Old Testament of the Bible it talks of a great famine in Samaria.

Besides two women making a deal with each other to eat each others sons, it also states that a donkey’s head fetched 80 pieces of silver, while dove’s dung (bird poop) used for food, fetched 5 pieces of silver.

In today’s money it would be approximately $90 for a little bit of bird poop.

  • This is the reality of famine and starvation.
  • This is what happens when you don’t have food for more than a few weeks.
  • This is what happens when the food system collapses and you are not prepared.


The Lowest Cost Insurance
You’ll Ever Purchase…
If you’ve read this far, and haven’t stopped reading in disbelief of some of the gory facts that have been presented, then you’re probably the kind of person who hopes for the best, but plans for the worst. The type of person who will do what it takes to be prepared when a disaster strikes.
I must tell you right now that you couldn’t make a better investment than investing in an Emergency Food Supply for your family. It would be ideal to have enough food to last your family members for 90 days or longer, but even a 30 day supply would be far better than nothing at all.

During these troubled times, you’ll sleep a lot better at night knowing you’ll have your very own Emergency Food Supply on hand for any emergency situation.

Getting you through a temporary disruption in the food supply, whether it’s a localized disaster like Hurricane Katrina or a widespread emergency like an oil or currency crisis is critical.

And this is the best part: Finally, getting your Emergency Food Supply is easier (and more affordable) than you may think.

You are probably wondering, “where do I start”?

Just count the number of people you want to cover and figure out how many meals, 2 or 3 meals per day it will take to feed them for the amount of time you can afford. You can always add to it later when you can afford more.

Important Note: This mentioned freeze dried and dehydrated food storage includes very tasty (better than most people eat on a day to day basis) entrees, full of flavor and nutrient packed and has a shelf life of up to 30 years. And it’s a fact that a lot of people that purchase this kind of food storage, end up using it from time to time, for every day food, so it will never go to waste, no matter what happens.

You will always have access to a friendly staff person (via instant message) to ask as many questions about food storage that you need answers to and take as long as needed to get your questions answered. Make sure you use this important service, if you need it. No question is a stupid question. Use it, to do part of your research!


Emergency Evacuation 72 hour and 2 week, Grab & Go Evac Packs & Other Important Info…

Long Term Food Storage and Other Survival Gear Info…

Long Term Water Storage and Portable Water Filter Systems Info…

Protect Yourself from the Declining Value of the Dollar…

Solar and Other Conventional Fueled, Back Up Home Generators…

Learn about and purchase the very best Bug Out Bags / Grab n Go / Evac Packs, long-term food storage, precious metals and other essential survival items your family will need by visiting the best online stores we could find.


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