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Watching the two short videos (below) is a great launching point in gaining an understanding of currencies, their relationship with precious metals and other commodities you may consider acquiring and how these issues might affect you going forward:

This 2 + minute video will give you an idea of the true economic situation we are in and what you can do to protect your family from the harm that can come from it. Bob Chapman is a world renown trends forecaster and investor and has inside knowledge that most do not have. Listen closely…

This 4 + minute video will reveal information most people do not and will never know about currency cycles and how gold and silver investing can play a very important role in determining your financial future, especially in today’s deteriorating economic and wealth transferring cycle.

After Watching the Above Video 

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Purchasing Power Destruction!

 Why should you be concerned about the destruction of the purchasing power of your dollar?

The following are a few of the questions you need to ask in order to find out.

When the Federal Government via the Federal Reserve Bank prints money and puts it into circulation, how does it affect me?

How much debt (dollars) is our country borrowing or printing in order to make good on the liabilities (debt) it has here and around the world?

The national debt is constanly increasing and this means the purchasing power of your dollar is decreasing.  

Unless you are getting cost of living raises every time the Federal Government borrows money from the FED, you are making less and less all of the time and it will accelerate and get worse, way worse.      

See the debt piling up in real time here:National Debt Clock

For every new dollar the government prints or borrows it devalues the ones you have in your bank and investment accounts.

We are sure you will find the following information on this page very informative whether you choose to protect your wealth or not.


The following two videos can make for an interesting start in your quest for financial security information and knowledge, no matter how much you have to protect.

This Video of Billionaire Robert Kiyosaki was made in 2008.

This next video is of an average investor that echos what most of the billionaire trend investors are saying about what is currently happening with the silver and gold markets today 10/1/11 with the suppression of silver and gold prices.


Wealth Protection

The first issue that you really need to understand in wealth protection, is the value of your financial standing and the stability of your standing.

The second issue is currencies and the cycles in which all fiat currencies have gone through, through out history. These issues are very important to understand before you can do anything to protect your savings and investments from being continually devalued. In the worse case scenario you could be left with nothing if the dollar were to crash.

What manner of protection is up to you. One method many professional trend investors are using is precious metals.


The Debt Spiral Is In Progress! Are You Prepared?

Secure your finances now to hedge against losses during this ever evolving economic crisis.

This crisis is not going away anytime soon and not without devastating many millions of people’s finances along the way.

You can utilize the information and ideas presented on this page to come up with a logical solution that may help protect your wealth from these turbulent wealth destroying (transferring) times we are experiencing now and into the future.

The behind the scene economic and financial information you are getting here that the mainstream media may or may not report on, will help give you the “heads up” knowledge that will allow you to understand truly how we got into this economic mess and how you might insulate yourself from some of its devastating wealth (transferring) or destroying effects.

The real question you need to ask yourself is; Am I going to be named as one of the victims of this economic downward spiral or are you going to be one of the few that positions themselves to actually survive (maintain) or even thrive during this economic crisis?

You will be on one side of that fence or the other!

Many experts on this subject say it’s the action you take or don’t take from this point on that will determine your financial fate, whether you are very well off financially at this point, or simply making ends meet.                                

Wealth Cycle Investing

Click on the link below for a brief video explanation concerning this premier online news resource for wealth cycle investing. Learn about how the world is on the brink of the biggest wealth transfer in the history of man, and how gold and silver investing can situate you to take advantage of that wealth transfer.

A great video to introduce you to the Wealth Cycles education series.

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A Good Case for Silver

This video will give you a lot to think about when deciding which precious metal will be the best investment for your dollar, if you chose to invest at all. This is just one of many studies that have come to the same conclusion…


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Financial Survival and Personal Well Being!

Please NOTE: If you consider yourself in one of the following categories…

    • You believe that you have a full understanding of this economic crisis.
    • You believe you know what a good investment is at this place in time.
    • You believe the economy will get better or not much worse.
    • You believe that all of your investments are safe.
    • You believe that your job is safe because it’s in an industry that is recession proof.
    • You have enough money put back so the economy will not be a problem for you.
    • You own ETFs SLVs or GLVs and believe you actually own the physical gold and silver.
    • You believe you don’t have enough money to protect yourself from the coming economic meltdown.

you need to take the time to absorb as much of the information on this web page and its videos as possible. It could mean the difference of whether or not you and your family will survive this economic meltdown without suffering serious and devastating consequences. _____________________________________________

What About ETFs, SLV, GLV or i-Shares?

If you already hold or are considering purchasing SLVs, GLVs or ETFs, read the “Do You Own Silver or Gold Shares?” article and watch the video below.

This article and video contain very critical information about these types of holdings that you need to consider .

Do you really own the gold and silver you have purchased through these tools?

Understanding this information could save your entire precious metals investment if you have already invested in paper shares.

If you are new to precious metal investments and haven’t invested in paper shares yet, the information in the same video and article will allow you to make an informed decision on how to move forward from here.

Do You Own Silver or Gold Shares?

The following video will open your eyes to a number of issues concerning the pit falls of purchasing silver or gold shares in any form and why there are more ounces of gold and silver shares then there is physical metal by 100 to 1.

Why silver in true value (not what they show as the price per oz) is more precious and more valuable than gold when you consider all of the industrial need for this metal, the consumed rate by industry versus the lag in mining rates.

Learn why the suppression of the metals market is intentional, to keep the dollar value artificially higher than it is. Suppressing the price of metals artificially also hides the fact that silver is an ever-increasing valuable asset to own.

As we have stated before and you have heard in the video interview above, if you are thinking of using your gold or silver bullion or coins for bartering in the case of a dollar collapse, you need to have it in your possession before a major currency event happens, which could happen any time now!

A purchased silver or gold share (paper) will get you nowhere if the economy or the dollar collapses because many of the companies that sell shares will not actually have enough physical metals in storage to fulfill your and all other share owners demand for redemption.

How many times has the same share been sold to unsuspecting buyers? Chances are it’s reported it could be as high as ninety-nine times.

Not only have they shorted the market at least 100 to 1 according to some annalists, but you also have to take into account that if these companies that issue these ETFs go bankrupt in a currency collapse, the experts warn, you will surely never see the precious metals you have purchased.

If you have purchased Silver Shares (SLV) or Gold Shares (GLV) some experts in this field say you might consider calling or contacting the company you purchased these shares from and ask for all of your metals be sent directly to you or to a place like Brinks for storage.

If you decide to store your precious metals at home make sure you are storing them in a safe but hidden place. Having your precious metals accessible in your possession you will be able to utilize them in case of an all out currency collapse. This could mean the difference between your family eating or not until a new currency is established.

The ones in the know also say to make sure that the company you trade with, delivers the precious metals to your door discretely and professionally.

No one should know you have these metals in your possession of course!

You need a trusted company to purchase your precious metals through.

The online company that recommends owning physical silver and gold and not ETFs and delivers directly to your home or where you’ve directed comes highly recommended and is a A rated Better Business Bureau company.

Once you are on their website and you have any questions, call them toll-free or type the question(s) into the “Leave a Message” box and they will answer any questions you have via email.

After your purchase (no minimum) you will become an “insider” you will receive up to date information and news on precious metals, the economy and how you can best profit from your investment.

The website also has other videos and articles that could help educate you on some of the issues surrounding this subject.

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Not Sure About Acquiring Precious Metals?

For those of you that are not sure if purchasing precious metals is a good move for you in your particular financial situation, you don’t have to be alone in making that decision.

Get ideas and free advise in written and video format on this page and by clicking on the website banner below.

See what the experts on the subject are saying and will be doing to maximize the financial benefits of acquiring and owning precious metals.

Also, after your initial purchase (if you choose to purchase) you will have access to all information tools that you can further  educate yourself on the whats, when and hows of owning precious metals to get the maximum benefit out of your investment. You can simply do what the experts do, when they do it and benefit from the moves the same way they do.

Another point to be made is, you don’t have to have much money to invest into what many experts say is the best investment you can make now and that is physical silver.

We know of no other precious metals companies that offer “hold in your hand” precious metals along with an educational system for their clients.

Many experts on this subject say there will be a rush to gold and silver world-wide when the dollar starts its free fall in value. And the way the FED is pumping out the dollars into the economy, they are probably right in their assessment.


Fear Mongering?

Some may think that we are fear mongering, but as you get deeper into the content of this page you will see that we are not fear mongering at all, but rather we are simply putting together information for you with the help of many world-renowned experts in the fields of economic trends, government, investments and economic history, so you will have a thorough understanding of the situation according to their views, so you can make a more informed decision.

Much of this information will not be reported by the main street media, because some of this information would not serve the best interest of Wall Street, most of the big corporations and big banks (that are international in scope) that control these media outlets.

Learn how to protect some of your assets from loosing most of, if not all of their value as the government continues to devalue the dollar.

You could even profit from the decline and be better off for it if you plan correctly!


They Are Stealing From You as You Sleep!

The buying power of every dollar you make is being reduced..

Your investments and holdings are shrinking in value even though you maybe showing a net gain?

Even municipal and other kinds of bonds are more of a risk now than ever before.

Have you noticed the increase in gas and food prices lately?

Notice the smaller amounts of product being offered at higher prices at the store? Housing prices going down? Gold & Silver going up?

Up to this point what we have experienced are very minor symptoms of an ever-growing and systemic problem.

Is Gold Money?

See what happens when the head chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee confronts the head of the Federal Reserve Board.


The Symptoms of the Crisis

There are many symptoms of this financial crisis but the one that directly impacts us (some more than others) the most is the fact that companies strangled by rising prices for the basic ingredients (commodities) that they make their products from, so in order for them to not raise prices are doing everything possible to hold prices down even to the point of trickery to keep the economically struggling public buying.

The problem is they can only mask this tidal wave of commodity price increases with downsizing (layoffs), business efficiency strategies, packaging gimmicks and shorting the amounts they are offering for the same price for so long.

When the producers of our goods and services finally run out of options to hold prices down, you will see prices absolutely sky-rocket on all products and services.

We believe the “bull” is being let out of the barn in a big way and many people will not know what hit them!We all need to be aware of this and address it as individuals and spread the word to the ones we care about.

Suffering the Effects of the Crisis Now?

This currency (dollar) crisis is not something that is coming down the road sometime. It is a fluid situation that is affecting all of us now and will continue to get much worse as the national debt crisis’ momentum picks up steam and it is picking up steam as you read. I’m sure you have heard about the recent United States credit rating downgrade from AAA to AA+. This is another huge hit on our economy.

We as a country lost about 2 trillion dollars in the stock market the day after the announcement.

But the real tragedy is, the confidence that was lost in our country as debtors with the countries that purchase our bonds (lend us money). This loss of confidence is another damming blow to the value of our dollar as we begin to replace the borrowed money that these countries lent us with borrowing money from the FED (print more money) to pay other debts. More Quantitative Easing 3 maybe?

It is reported by some experts in this field that there is nothing that our government or treasury can do now to stop the downward trend in our currency devaluation.  Experts in the field of economic trends,  (that have no vested interest to protect) business, commodities etc. all agree that the stage is set and it’s to late in the game and too much out of control to stop the dollar’s decline! Some say they could slow inflation by raising interest rates and this is true to a certain extent. But when they raise interest rates in a down economy it slows the economy down even more.

Another problem created by raising interest rates is, people because their money begins to gain in value, hold their money longer and longer. It sounds great that the currency begins to gain value, but the problem with this is, the buying public begins to wait and wait and wait to purchase items because the prices begin to go on a downward trend and they want to see how low the prices will get before they buy and people start saving money again as well. As a result companies don’t sell as much product, so they begin laying off workers throughout the entire economy.

Also money lending tightens as interest rates go up so businesses can’t afford to borrow and DEFLATION begins to take hold as the country begins to slide into a deflationary depression, much like the Great Depression of the 1930s. A deflationary depression is the Feds worst nightmare because they knew what happened during the great depression and that’s exactly what they will get if they raise interest rates and taxes.

Either way, via inflation or deflation it leaves (especially) the middle class in a world of hurt and eventually everyone will be financially destroyed except for the extremely wealthy and the ones that made wise decisions before the crisis became a full-blown reality.

Why is This Economic Crisis a Bigger Problem Now Than Any Other Crisis In History?

The difference between the monetary crisis of today versus the ones in the past is, this is not only an American problem but is also a world problem now. Most all of the worlds fiat currencies are pegged to the dollar, so when the FED prints more dollars (debt) it devalues the buying power of our dollar but it also devalues their currency as well as they try to keep up with the costs of imports and exports.

You see, our country borrows money from other countries (through their purchase of our T-Bills) and those countries expect a payback with interest as an investment when they mature. This is very similar to when the bank loans you money with the expectation of you paying it back with interest in a timely manner.

Now if a banker knew that you could print money at such a high rate that every dollar that you pay him back with will buy him less or is less valuable and the banker knew you were out of control and had no plans on slowing down on your printing, would he lend you more money? Of course not! These countries are pulling back and not lending the U.S. money like they use to. It is reported that our government was paying the debt to these nations by borrowing from other nations so with out someone to borrow from, the government was forced to either default and not pay on the outstanding loans to them all together or they can print more money (borrow it from the Federal Reserve) which is “quantitative easing” (mass printing of worthless money) and pay those countries back with devalued currency. It will serve our governments interest by paying off debts this way, but will rob the investing countries and the American people of their buying power.

For additional information on how much our currency has and is still being devalued, start the following video at 6:09 and watch the last 3 minutes.

If you would like to watch the whole 1:10:00 video “Why Do We Have So Much Debt?” and learn exactly where our dollar came from and all of the changes it has gone through and how it has devalued 95+ % since the late 1800’s, here is the link;


The Dollar Crisis and Your Families Standard of Living

This crisis will have a negative effect on you financially and therefore your standard of living!

IT’s reported that if all of your assets are in a 401K or any other paper financial tool including dollars, you could lose it all in the worst case scenario.

As you probably have already experienced and realized by now, this crisis is robbing you now of your daily living expenses as well as your grandchildren’s future inheritance.

The following information is not to benefit just the wealthy. As a matter of fact, this information is more important for the ordinary middle class American that works for a living and for those whom work just to barely make ends meet.

If everything goes the way it has been predicted and is being predicted, there will be people who are doing fairly well now (many times, these are the people who have a hard time seeing the truth of this situation) that could see a very big downward change in their standard of living and even some of these people may not be able to afford the basic necessities such as food and shelter for their families.

In a hyper-inflationary period the dollars you have and are working for will become worthless as the Fed’s printing presses continue to devalue your dollar as they continue to print dollars to attempt to keep up with the payment of debt.

Even if you own your home and have no mortgage payment, if the dollar crashes and dollars and paper investments is all you have, you may not be able to pay the property tax.

The good news is, you still have time to do something to shield yourself from big loses.

Click on the RED ARROW near the bottom of the page and become an instant “Insider” with its great benefits.


The Causes of the Financial Crisis

The following video is of a panel of experts and pundits of which some know more about the true causes of this financial calamity than others. This video will give you an overview of what really happened in 2008 that pushed our country over into the monetary obis that we are now and will continue to face.


The following video consists of a testimony of just one of the many very successful physical asset investment gurus and economic trend analyzer that have very similar predictions of what’s to come for the average American as our economy is being systematically destroyed, through the devaluation of our currency.

These professionals are obviously very successful at living by and utilizing the same information that they espouse.

This is as much “bible” on these issues as you can get.

Please consider this man’s words and protect yourself from further wealth loss.

Remember, this video recorded somewhere around the years 2008 or 2009. A few of the events he talks about in this video have already come to pass…


This is What the Treasury Secretary Has to Say

Please click on the dollar sign to see what the architects of this financial disaster’s play-by-play man has to say about our economic plight.

Tim Geithner is the U.S. Treasury Secretary that works directly with the Congress and the Federal Reserve Board to set much of the monetary policy for the United States.

Remember while listening, a part of this man’s responsibility is to keep a panic from occurring in the markets when answering these questions. So you can believe this is a very dressed-up version of the situation.

After watching this 35 second video, please continue to read down this page of very important information that you can use personally to help you preserve your financial future…Click on the above dollar sign to watch!

A Hedge Against Inflation and More!

Protect Your Savings and your net worth…

This video will explain how silver can become a part of your financial plan.

Of course this video shot in 2010 shows silver and gold prices lower than spot prices today and the prices (or values) are expected to rise significantly from here.
Get in before you lose out!

Analysts in currencies and commodity trends are saying that once all of the other currencies around the world tied to the dollar begin to tumble quickly in value with the dollar, there will be a mad dash to buy up the remaining limited silver supply.

These analysts are also reporting that there is now less silver in existence than gold for the first time in history and silver is being consumed by industry faster each year than they can mine it. How valuable can it get? No one knows, but it could be very valuable and soon!

Lets Cut to the Chase…

Doesn’t it make sense to consider trading a portion of your devaluing paper dollars in for precious metals as a hedge of protection against inflation or to keep from losing all of your savings in the event of run-away inflation or a total collapse of the dollar?

Even if you purchase a small amount of precious metals, it could very well see you and your family through a rough time as a bartering tool if or when the dollar becomes more destabilized or collapses completely.

It’s been said by some very successful investors that a financial adviser may tell their client (you) to invest no more than 10 % of their portfolio into precious metals. Why would your adviser tell you this? They say, because the money you invest into precious metals (especially “hold in your hand” precious metals) wouldn’t make them money on the precious metals portion of your investment portfolio. Just a thought…

If in the worst case scenario and a total collapse of the dollar happens, the experts say you would be able to trade gold or silver coin for goods and services. Another benefit of possessing silver, it puts you in a better financial footing if or when gold and silver sets the true value of a new currency.

There is one thing to also consider when making a decision on whether to purchase gold or silver. The exchange in barter arrangements is easier with silver coins because silver coins are still in use and have less value than gold coins so silver currency is easier to use in smaller purchases where you can better target the value of a given product with the value of each coin and minted coins are especially trusted.

The value of gold is greater and therefore good for larger purchases such as automobiles and homes.If the dollar doesn’t collapse all together and we “only” suffer through a period of very aggressive inflation, the value of these precious metals should track up with the rate of inflation.

The Recent Manipulation of Silver Prices by the Major Banks

It has been reported by some very big-name and very successful investors that when the government and the major banks saw people running from the dollar in favor of precious metals they (some of the major banks) have artificially but temporarily driven the price of silver down by flooding the market with more paper silver purchases to discourage the novice buyer from getting or staying in the silver market. Also driving down the price of silver makes the dollar look stronger against all other currencies that the dollar is traded against. The dollar is the reserve world currency of which all other major currencies are pegged.

They (the powers that be) believe the dip in silver prices will cause a trend of non-participation in the silver market. After all, who want’s to get into silver if it just took a nose dive in price? In our opinion, the answer to that question is… only the savvy trader.

Every savvy trader knows what drives the value of precious metals up and that is the devaluing of the dollar through inflation as more fiat dollars are printed to keep up with the debt that is continually being generated.

As a result of the embarrassing devaluation of the dollar, the mega banks have flooded the market with more paper silver shares (SLVs) purchases which have no silver backing them to temporarily (maybe 2 weeks to a month) drive down the cost of silver to maintain or raise the value of the dollar to keep other countries confidence in the dollar.

The experts say this will only work for so long and then the cost of precious metals will begin to rise again. It’s said that even the mega banks can’t keep a hold of the markets forever and eventually the value of gold and silver will rise to its prominent stable value.

It is also said that, in the end, when the dollar is revealed for how worthless it is becoming, there will be a rush to precious metals (namely gold and silver) all over the globe and that is when the value of precious metals will shoot to the moon because the demand will be greater than the supply.

So if you have a 1 oz silver bullion coin that is spot at $38.00 now, it could sky rocket to many, many times that if this happens.


Have Possession of Your Precious Metals In Case…

Make sure you have your precious metals in your possession!

If the dollar begins it’s free-fall, people will suddenly demand their precious metals from their SLV and GLV accounts and there will not be enough gold or silver to go around. You could be left with nothing but a piece of paper!

It’s reported that for every physical ounce of silver above ground, there is 100 ounces of paper shares purchased. 100 to 1.

In today’s world all precious metals would be gone in a split second because of the electronic transfers and the entire world is in the precious metals market now.

In times past, the Chinese people for example, weren’t legally allowed to own silver or gold and now they are and they are taking full advantage of it, in a very serious way!


Protect Your Life-Sustaining Needs!

The other very important investment in today’s very unstable world is food storage.

Why food storage?

The uncertain global financial climate, food shortages created by drought, floods, nuclear disasters, pending civil unrest, a currency crisis, long-term unemployment (even for the ones who think they are immune to this possibility) and possible food supply route cut-offs.

Whether it be bulk beans and rice, or freeze-dried and dehydrated gourmet entrees, there are ways to prepare and survive for a time when nothing can be purchased from stores.

Water storage is a good idea as well, for obvious reasons.

Think about how dependent we are on our food stores to sustain our lives. It’s insane!

Reason for Concern?

If you still need more proof that the dollar may be on its way to a collapse, look no further than one of its major investors in our T-bills and what they are doing…China!

If you want a very good explanation of our current dollar situation and how it relates to China, watch the following video. Peter Schiff among other titles is the an expert at calling future economic events and is correct most of the time, when the main stream media and the Wall Street boys have been WRONG.

China is dumping their U.S. T-bills because of the devaluing dollar and our government’s unwillingness to stop the FED from printing worthless dollars (Debt). As this debt printing continues it is devaluing our currency and therefore China’s currency because their currency is pegged to ours.

Another reason they have been dumping our T-bills, is our seeming inability to resuscitate our economy. With non-stop dollar printing and no recovery expected, they are beginning to divest themselves before the dollar drops even further in value or goes to zero worth.

This is a REAL reason for concern and a warning signal to begin preparing for a possible economic crisis of which our country has never seen before!

The possibility of an economic collapse is a real and imminent threat.

China and other countries see it coming and are beginning to bail out of our currency! It’s being reported by economic trend forecasters that the Chinese are now calling for a new world reserve currency (the dollar is and has been the world reserve currency for a very long time) of their own. This will mean they will be in direct competition for the same outside investors we have had a monopoly on for so many years. If China is successful in gaining world reserve currency status our dollar will fail.

What happens when other countries see China as a better investment than the U.S.? They will pull their investments from us and we will not have anyone to borrow from, and that means we will have to buy our own debt….crank up the printing presses and here comes HYPER-INFLATION and the destruction of the dollar!

Why are we turning our heads the other way in denial?

Why is our government and media not warning us to prepare, when they say “their job is to protect the citizens of our country”?

Something is very wrong…


This December 2010 Video Covers Some Economic Issues That Should Concern Us and Cause Us To Prepare For Possible Very Tough Times Ahead!



Please read this shocking article:

Bernanke to Congress: We’re Much Closer to Total Destruction Than You Think

Published: Wednesday, 9 Feb 2011 | 11:09 AM ET
Text Size
By: John Carney
Senior Editor,
Bernanke told the Budget Committee on Capitol Hill today.

Warning that our nation’s fiscal health has deteriorated appreciably since the onset of the financial crisis and the recession, Bernanke called upon lawmakers to confront the long-term fiscal challenges sooner rather than later. If lawmakers don’t confront them, they’ll find themselves confronted by them.

From Bernanke’s prepared remarks:

By definition, the unsustainable trajectories of deficits and debt that the CBO outlines cannot actually happen, because creditors would never be willing to lend to a government with debt, relative to national income, that is rising without limit. One way or the other, fiscal adjustments sufficient to stabilize the federal budget must occur at some point. The question is whether these adjustments will take place through a careful and deliberative process that weighs priorities and gives people adequate time to adjust to changes in government programs or tax policies, or whether the needed fiscal adjustments will come as a rapid and painful response to a looming or actual fiscal crisis.

Bernanke explained that the Congressional Budget Office’s calculations miss an important reality. As the government’s debt and deficits rise, the economy will slow down—an effect not taken into account by the CBO. So, for instance, when the CBO says that federal spending for health-care programs will roughly double as a percentage of GDP in the next 25 years, it is probably being too optimistic. If debt keeps, rising, GDP will be much lower than the CBO estimates—which will mean that health care spending will be a much larger percentage of the overall economy.

Here’s Bernanke on the effect of rising debt:

Sustained high rates of government borrowing would both drain funds away from private investment and increase our debt to foreigners, with adverse long-run effects on U.S. output, incomes, and standards of living. Moreover, diminishing investor confidence that deficits will be brought under control would ultimately lead to sharply rising interest rates on government debt and, potentially, to broader financial turmoil. In a vicious circle, high and rising interest rates would cause debt-service payments on the federal debt to grow even faster, resulting in further increases in the debt-to-GDP ratio and making fiscal adjustment all the more difficult.

In short, the official estimates members of Congress hear from their budget office are under-estimating our dire economic predicament. If fiscal policy is not brought under control, things will be much, much worse.


In the next video, Peter Schiff gives a good and simple explanation of what is going on, especially to people who know little about this subject, but want to be informed and prepared. Give a watch and listen.

This is the “Mortgage Banker” Video from ’06 that Peter Schiff Eluded to in the Last Video.

A Short Background of Peter Schiff and an Hour of his Prediction Speech

You may want to skip this video, unless you have plenty of time to listen. It’s just over an hour-long.

The Wiemar Hyperinflation? Could it Happen Again?

from Global Research
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some worried commentators are predicting a massive hyperinflation of the sort suffered by Wiemar Germany in 1923, when a wheelbarrow full of paper money could barely buy a loaf of bread.

The following 2 videos offer an accurate view of what happened in Wiemar and it will give you an idea of what the potential of hyperinflation could mean to you and I, so we can be prepared if it were to happen here:


“It was horrible. Horrible! Like lightning it struck. No one was prepared. The shelves in the grocery stores were empty. You could buy nothing with your paper money.” – Harvard University law professor Friedrich Kessler on the Wiemar Republic hyperinflation (1993 interview)

An April 29 editorial in the San Francisco Examiner warned:
“With an unprecedented deficit that’s approaching $2 trillion, [the President’s 2010] budget proposal is a surefire prescription for hyperinflation. So every senator and representative who votes for this monster $3.6 trillion budget will be endorsing a spending spree that could very well turn America into the next Weimar Republic.”1


Does This Sound Familiar?

Germany’s government went deeply into debt to other countries to fight the 1st world war and to put it simply, they didn’t have the money to pay back the debt. They started printing money to pay their debt. which eventually caused the devaluation of their currency and resulted in hyper inflation.

We are doing the same things now!

The effects of this practice hit Germany’s economy so quickly that when people went to work in the morning, a loaf of bread cost the equivalent of 25 cents. At the end of the work day, it was approximately $1.50 per loaf. As time went on, employees at companies sometimes even needed to be paid twice a day to keep up with the inflation. It didn’t take long before it took a wheelbarrow full of their currency to buy one loaf of bread. This economic panic caused a run on grocery stores in the blink of an eye. People went hungry and many even starved.

If monetizing the debt caused the currency in Germany to devalue and collapse, it will do the same in the United States.

If H2O makes water in Germany, it will make water in the United States as well. It’s a physical law that works every time.

Monetary laws work the same way, every time.

Remember, even if you don’t believe that the dollar will collapse completely, just the threat of prices greatly increasing can cause a run on grocery stores.

We are now getting those commodity price increases.

I’ll let you in on a secret that’s widely believed by many economists: our federal government is trying to hide the true inflation rate from us, as well as the true unemployment rate as to not cause a panic in our country.

Panics cause runs on banks and the stock market and these two things can speed up a collapse of the economy.

If you think logically about what’s happening and know that prices have only increased in commodities such as food, energy and precious metals but real estate has depreciated in value, something isn’t right.

The only reason all other prices have stayed pretty stable for the consumer is because the manufacturers and retail outlets have been eating the increase in the cost of the raw materials at the manufacturing and wholesale levels.

This practice of deception cannot last for very much longer. We will begin to see inflation begin to affect the costs of all items soon.


Isn’t it Time to Protect Your Family?

Now that we have covered some of the inherent pitfalls and insecurities of the dollar or any other fiat currency (printed money) at present, you may consider not only looking to protect yourself in the realm of food, water and shelter, you may want to consider looking at investing in an inflation-resistant commodity where you can protect some of your assets from devaluation in run-away inflation.

Again one asset you can acquire to achieve that protection against inflation is that “hold in your hand” asset, precious metals.

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